The Place

Ok. We want to update you with whatever developments in our Resto. If you happen to pass by the place (Tayara Hotel, Prince Majid Street, Al Safa) you'd see practically nothing but debris and structure. It would probably take a month or so more before we can begin with major visible changes.

So, we try to enjoy ourselves with this is 3D design as envisioned by our Graphic Designer. Syempre, hindi magiging ganyan ang final product. But you get the idea. Besides, with this, you can share our excitement. So, common, sabay-sabay tayong mangarap... wink wink!

(Art's Cuisine Ground floor 3D rendering)

Art's Cuisine - our new name; our new logo

At last, we're back at the blogworld! You probably know by now (at least our friends at Facebook) that we're so much occupied with the setting up of our new and commercial space (yehey!) that will finally house Art's Cooking.

Yes! Ibang level na ang mga lolo nyo! Because we're going full-time to serve our kababayans in Jeddah, and we hope we will have a blast.

There was so much things going on that we regret failing to upload our gigs for the last what 5 months. And for that we are so so sorry!

One of the things we really had hard time fighting was the name. We've been operating as Art's Cooking for the last 6 years.

We admit, there's so much memories and emotions with the name. Also, we believe we have already established marketing people called as 'brand equity' with our customers that we felt it was impossible just to let go.

But in the end, an old has to give way to a new one; a old chapter has to say goodbye, and new chapter has to start.

But our fight did not really went in vain. We we're able to hold at least half of the original name - Art's. With that, we can still claim that we hold what we stand for; we are still and we will continue to deliver the very reason why we have our business in the first place, which is providing Quality Pinoy Food to all kababayan (in Jeddah, for now...wink! wink!).

Regards and we really appreciate your continuous support.

We hope to see you all in our (atin po ito) new place. Dalawin nyo naman kami. Mabuhay!

Jeddah Peepz Go Retro

Event: Retro Party
Date: March 10, 2011
Place: Al Hajrayan Compound

Theme party ba kamo? Well, Pinoys in Jeddah really rock one night when Seranata, a group of accomplished individuals held a get-together event for a cause, staged a Retro party.

The theme of the night was "Back to 70's", and behold! A reminiscing of the past transpired as each couple (and singles) appeared in 70's wardrobe with matching accessories galore. The music couldn't be far behind. Because all the songs seemed to take you down the memory lane...wink! wink!

The event was figuratively rockin' and dancin' all night, with Artscooking (syempre naman) to fuel the energy on the dance floor...naks!

Here's Artscooking set-up:

Artscooking menu during the event: Chicken Rolls, Kare-kare, Calamares, Mixed veggies, Lomi Soup, Fruit salad.

Chicken Rolls
Mixed Veggies with Quail Eggs
Lomi Soup
Fruit Salad

Al Hekma Jewels Grand Coronation Night

Event: Al Hekma Jewels Grand Coronation Night
Place: Sheraton Al Sahel (Obhur), Jeddah
Date & Time: 9PM 3rd of March 2010

It is Artscooking's pleasure to cater to Al Hekma Jewels' Grand Coronation Night. Al Hekma is one of Jeddah's finest and strongest educational institutions that is truly Pinoy.

That night, we also witnessed raw talents from singing to dancing exhibited by guest-students from various Philippine schools in Jeddah. And we are truly surprised to know that indeed, there are precious jewels hiding in this seemingly conservative part of the world. And you know what? Showbiz talent scouts should scour these gems. For all we know, the next big Philippine stars will come from these young ones.

While this is not our first time to cater to this area (the small ones), but this is our first to step on the resort's biggest venue. Well, the organizer has to fit in a group of 400 pax, right. And it has the best view ever! Look at some of the pix below:

Thanks to our colleague Mr. Ernie Jayme who provided us some of the stills (btw, he also the hosted the show. You were shining buddy- literally. Wootwoo!)

Here's Artscooking set-up. We apologize for a poorly taken shots as the entire place were dimly lit (besides, those were celfone cam grab only).

We had juice fountains (and juicer), and choco fondue which were instant hits with the kids.

Here's Artscooking Menu:

Mixed veggies with quail eggs
Fried Chicken
Fish fillet in sweet & sour sauce
Chinese Fried Rice
Beef with Brocolli
Buko Pandan

1-year AC Canteen/Showroom Anniversary Video

Here's the short clip of our 1-year AC Canteen/Showroom Anniversary courtesy of Shellamai Delicana all the way from Riyadh.


Isang Taon Na Po!

Yes, it's been a year since we started our Artscooking showroom/canteen. Wheew! How time really passed by.

It was January 7, 2010 when first opened the door to our colleagues and friends here in Jeddah. The original concept was only to feed a group of people of around 15-20 every Thursday as they claimed to have no time preparing for their lunch because of their busy schedule. And of course, to serve as a showroom for clients (outside of the group) who prefer to see in person our set-up and our food preparation.

Then, after a while, we added the Friday lunch schedule. And from the original group of 15, we started serving Eat-All-You-Can Buffet lunch for 50.

Contrary to what others think, our set-up is not the typical cash-cow canteen/resto like everybody else's (though generating enough to pay the bills). But still we decided to continue our so-called little "katuwaan" because we know we are serving a purpose, and we found out eventually that we are inspiring some of our kababayan (their so-called entrepreneural tsuvaness... wink wink!).

And we guess, with that inspiration factor alone, despite all the weekly challenges - such as sourcing the best ingredients (and cheap) and squeezing time with our individual jobs (we work too, you know), then everything becomes worthwhile.

Yes! We know in our hearts that we have proven success, but of course not enough to rest our laurels. And so, we are continuing with another year; full of hope and dreams for another successful journey in serving good food and the best of catering stints and gigs we can offer.

We hope to see you one of these days in our place. And while we fill our stomachs with our homegrown menu, let us share our own stories of success so we also fill our hearts with inspirations.


Our Eat-All-You-Can Buffet is open on Thursday & Friday
12-4PM. If you want to receive our weekly menu list via SMS, drop us an email or pm us with your mobile number at our facebook page at artscooking.

For our catering services, please call our number: 0509473258
or e-mail us at

You can also download our menu with link provided at the right column.

Our Guests

We would like to apologize to some of our guests as we fail to take your pix. As the event progressed kasi, we could not even manage to take pictures; we've become busy attending to the needs of the guests. We hope you understand...wink! wink!

Our Set-up

Our Menu:

Adobong Stuffed Pusit
Shrimp Casserolle
Pansit Palabok
Mixed Sea Foods Fried Rice
Mixed Pansit Canton/Bihon
Lumpiang Shanghai
Fried Chicken with Special Herb
Fish Fillet
Chicken with Cashew Nuts